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Let’s face it, Alpaca’s are a special breed of animal who sometimes get a bad rap for being cantankerous, feisty and a little bit aloof….but that’s what makes them so unique and why Alpaca Shearing Service has devoted the last 17 years to their wellbeing and happiness. A shorn Alpaca is a happy Alpaca!

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Predominately we are an Alpaca Shearing Service providing a mobile one stop shop for all your alpaca needs. If you are new to alpacas, the easy way to tell the two breeds apart are that the Huacaya alpacas produce crimpy, curly, dense and soft wool, while Suri alpacas have longer cylindrical locks resembling dreadlocks and are generally more responsive to reggae being played while being shorn. Ok I may have made that bit up, but whichever type of alpaca you have they both should be shorn annually.

Other services include administering vaccinations and vitamins as well as trimming toenails and teeth when required. With 17 years of experience behind Alpaca Shearing Service we are also happy to provide general recommendations on animal welfare and advice about any concerns you may have. We also shear sheep (those smaller, slightly more docile animals) so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need our services for your flock.

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Alpaca Shearing Service cater for all size herds and operates in far north Queensland, down through NSW, all across Victoria and Tasmania.

Depending on where you live the ideal time to shear your alpacas may differ so, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss the best time of year for your climate.

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Alpaca Shearing Testimonial
  • After years of shearing with my close friend, I had to look for a new shearer and from the first conversation I had with Gary I knew I had found a good’en! Not only is he reliable, efficient and incredibly quick, most importantly he cares about the alpacas. He made the whole day almost effortless.

    Bendigo Victoria

  • Finding a reliable shearer has always been a challenge but when we found Gary we no longer had to worry as the shearing gets booked the same week every year. We look forward to the laughs and banter that make the week a lot of fun. My husband always looks forward to the little improvements to the shearing tables that help improve process. Its so nice to have my alpacas come off the table looking fantastic. I would highly recommend Alpaca Shearing Service.

    Marg & Tony
    County Victoria

  • Alpaca Shearing Service has been shearing our alpacas for about 15 years. Over that period of time Gary and has continually improve both as a shearer and also the shearing process. The day is fun and relaxed and we love working with Gary. He is very good with the alpacas and would always refer Gary to the clients we sell our alpacas too.

    Lysterfield Victoria

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